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Devoted to providing alternative, natural, holistic products, information & therapies for you, your family, your pets and animals of ANY AGE OR SPECIES! Improve, boost and modulate any immune system function with safe, natural Transfer Factors. Achieve and maintain good overall pet health with Holistic Vet formulated Pet Foods and Treats. Also available are Essential Oils and Total Whole Food Marine Phytoplankton. Detoxify and cleanse your internal body and digestive system DAILY with our herbal Holy Tea.


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Animal Health
Avoiding Cancers
Business Opportunity
Conditions & Dis-Ease
Free Non Profit Program
Fun Stuff
Goji, Acai` and More
Healing in Foods "A-Z"
Holistic Health Pet Food
In Loving Memory
NEW Natural Beauty
New Mexico
Pet Food Horrors
Recalls, Alerts And More
Table of Contents
Talking With Tina
Transfer Factors
Vaccines, Antibiotics, Etc.
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Clay Essentials  - Volcanic Ash Clay - Nature's Secret To Flawless Skin




Immune System Booster-Modulator Boost's ANY Immune System (human or animal) 437% in just 48 hours. This is a serious product that should be in all households.

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The bodies of people and animals are designed to be self-healing. Help your body (and those of your family, friends and animals) to heal naturally and safely from poor/ill health caused by Virus', Bacteria, and Parasites as well as from the harmful side effects of antibiotics, steroids and vaccines. Learn how to here at Tina’s Ark by researching the truth which The Father of All Medicine (Hippocrates) spoke..."let food be your medicine and medicine be your food".


Who is Tina and What is "Tina's Ark"?

"The more I use my common sense the more shocked I become at how I've accepted so many things as good, right and all for the benefit of my health; when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth....continued


Your Immune System Can Be Your "Silver Bullet" Against Dis-Ease!

Your Immune System, Your Choice

I want to share one of the most profound medical truths regarding the health of  both people and animals that I've ever learned, which is this...there are really only two types of dis-ease. It's true, just think about it. You or your animals are either ill because of an Immune system which is not strong enough, perhaps because of an Immune system function that is over-active...out of balance.  Good health is so much about Prevention first, Alternative methods of wellness second and of course, in the case of injury/massive physical trauma (life threatening), Conventional treatment. It's no secret that prescription drugs are very big business. 


I also want to be very clear about the fact that there is no one cure (conventional or alternative) for our poor health. Anyone telling you that there is may be selling you a lie and a Snake Oil remedy! Poor health, illness, and dis-ease in general is most always a combination of wrongs (in our nutrition-lifestyle) which need to be replaced with a combination of rights. What we eat and drink and do in life affects our health.  But we have our own network that makes up the healing of the body. It is this network of self-healing which is more powerful than we could EVER imagine.


In any case there is great promise for keeping and attaining good health through the foods you choose to eat, the products that you supplement with, and the ways that you assist your body and your immune system. You can boost it or you can modulate it. It's a plain and simple fact that your body is designed to heal itself. If you don't know how to do that, I'm here to help and show you how. The most important thing that you can do to improve your health is to give your body what it needs to strengthen it's own natural abilities and help re-design your own Immune System, naturally!



"4Life" Transfer Factors Immune Boosting and Modulating Supplement

Transfer Factor is a one of a kind Immune System booster, modulator and enhancer for BOTH people and animals of all  kinds. Transfer Factor PLUS Tri-Factor is having quite the effect in both the IMMUNE & AUTO-IMMUNE worlds. It will increase your Immune System's Natural Killer Cell activity by an astounding 437%, in just 48 hours. Transfer Factor is NOT a vitamin, mineral or herb, but an Immune "Agent" derived from Colostrum and Egg Yolk at the molecular level. Transfer factors are molecules that transmit "immunity information" from one Entity to another, and are inter-species transferable. If you're already familiar with Colostrum you need to know that while Colostrum does contain a small amount of transfer factors, you would need to ingest NINETY 500mg capsules of colostrum to equal the same amount of immune memory in just three 200mg capsules of Transfer Factor™ from 4Life! Learn more about Transfer Factor for Adults, children and pets.




Introducing Life's Abundance Premium Canned Breakfast and Dinner for Dogs!

(Want more information?)


Life's Abundance Holistic Health Pet Foods and Treats

HealthyPetNet's "Life's Abundance" brings you..."Do You Really Know What's In Your Pet's Food"? What you hear from Dr. Jane Bicks will shock you (i.e., Pentobarbital from pets "put to sleep" and recycled into animal products)! Life's Abundance Holistic Premium Pet Food and treats for Dogs and Cats are formulated by Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Jane and every batch is USDA Aphis certified. We want you to know that all HealthyPetNet foods do not contain corn or wheat and are sourced in the U.S.A. We never have used these ingredients and we never will. Of equal importance is our quality control program, which is designed to keep our foods safe. It is our promise to you. Life’s Abundance Premium Dog and Cat Foods are made using only fresh, human-quality ingredients. It is a nutrient dense food with high quality meat proteins and contains none of the following: by-products, corn, wheat, gluten or soy, artificial flavors, artificial colors, sugars, chemical preservatives. All of our ingredients are sourced in the U.S.A. So please stop feeding your pets those potentially harmful store bought brand foods with fancy and deceiving advertising, dangerous chemicals and preservatives! If you are done taking risks with your pets health and life by buying mass marketed pet food brands   to enter the home of HealthyPetNet.



FrequenSea Total Whole Food Marine Phytoplankton

A Must See Video - to watch the incredible video "Another Day - with Phytoplankton" (video will launch in an external player). This DVD presentation tells the amazing story of Tom Harper and his discovery to grow and harvest Marine Phytoplankton for the benefit of man. Tom also explains how he believes that this same Marine Phytoplankton used in FrequenSea cured his Cancer (Mesothelioma) and his Diabetes (88Units of insulin daily). For more information, contact Tina.



Holy Tea - Detoxifying, Colon & Intestinal Cleanse Herbal Tea

Detox, colon/intestinal cleanse & weight loss "Holy Tea" is having an amazing beneficial impact on the health of many people and has been for years.  In our modern day society, toxins and parasites abound.  We are all under constant attack from the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the food that we eat. Holy Tea has been successfully fending off this attack and helping people to cleanse their body from within, for over 20 years.  Learn More About It Here. Then try the the product, and you will see why it's so beneficially cleansing.


Aquasana - America's #1 Water Filter:

  • Highest Performance: Filters out chlorine bad taste and odors, lead, VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), THMs (trihalomethanes), cryptosporidium, giardia and MTBE. Patented process leaves in natural minerals for best taste and better health! Aquasana is better than bottled water and better than other water filters, and its performance is certified and documented. The healthiest, best-tasting water on Earth ... less than 10˘ a gallon ... at the touch of a button! Countertop or under-sink water filters.

  • Best Value: At Aquasana there is no middleman. We are the manufacturer and we offer great factory direct value. We guarantee the best-tasting, healthiest water on Earth. No other home water filter, at any price, has ever produced better results than Aquasana!  

Our bodies are 70% water. Everyone needs healthy water, because it is essential for better health!

Learn the facts here, by clicking on the "About Water" and "Lifestyle" tabs...


Tina's Ark is proud to be an Officially Authorized Dealer of Aquasana/Sun Products!



A Personal Message...

It is my sincere belief that owning a pet is a luxury and a huge responsibility, just as much as having a child. Keeping that pet safe and healthy is of the utmost importance. Whether it's an exotic pet or a Goldfish, it is a living being and should be kept and cared for with the highest degree of integrity. Regarding both dogs and cats, I highly suggest that they receive a certified organic and balanced raw foods diet. For many, this is not possible or is an extremely daunting task. Therefore, I'm providing options for you by way of "Life's Abundance".

- Tina of "Tina's Ark"



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Tina's Top Picks For Health & Wellness, From Amazon (I use these!)





Top Left: Barlean's Flaxseed Oil with Lignan's is one of the best foods you can put into the body (human or animal). Learn why here. Top, second from left: A quick, accurate and easy way to measure the real problem with overweight...bodyfat.Top, second from right: The Misto Olive Oil sprayer is an excellent way to dispense oils and more. I use mine for grilling, as well as for a facial misting of olive oil before bed! Top right : My absolute FAVORITE for storing my dog's food (Life's Abundance)! I put the entire 40 pound bag (package, too) in and it keeps her food super fresh! Bottom Left: The food-grade plastic Neti Pot is excellent for travel, too! Bottom, middle: This book is a MUST HAVE for all households! Bottom Right: This Escali kitchen scale is GREAT for all kinds of portion measuring and more.




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